Where I can help

Small Business Human Resources Partner
We partner with small business owners who are launching their own business to provide effective guidance and tools to get off on the “right foot” regarding the “people side” of the business so that the owners have more time to grow the business rather than “fix’ employee issues.
Human Resources Legal Compliance Strategies
We assist our business partners in their learning curve to understand legal concepts such as work authorization, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment and terms such as “disparate” discrimination and “disparate” impact discrimination. This basic understanding assists our partners with managing legal risks and building a positive work culture.
Case Evaluation
We assist both employers and employees to understand their own workplace conflicts and whether there are legal issues that are asking for prompt, respectful resolution. If so, we present reasonable options to move forward.
Medical, Dental and Veterinary Contracts and Separation Agreements
We understand these professionals often have sensitive compensation incentives, non-compete restrictions and liability insurance issues that must be addressed when negotiating a new employment agreement or separation agreement. So, we listen, and we can assist in this process.
Performance Management
One of the more challenging aspects of the supervisory role is undertaking effective performance management of the employees’ work production. Essential elements in this process this process is defining effective ADA compliant job descriptions, establishing expectations, conducting effective performance appraisals, benchmarking progress (or lack thereof) and how to address employees who are simply the right fit for the job.
Separation Agreements
What is “fair” under the circumstances? Are key issues being overlooked? Does the employee have legal claims that require particular attention? Are the parties’ interests being recognized and protected? These are key questions to be addressed when bringing closure to the employer-employee relationship. We can help.
Employee Career Counseling
Sometimes we just need to take a time out and look at what we do for a living. Is it a job or is it a career? Are we a good fit for the role? Do we have a positive relationship with my supervisor? Am I “managing up” and taking charge of my career (if I don’t then who will?). If you are feeling “stuck” in your job, let’s talk.
Executive Coaching
Sometimes the top performer is a bit lacking regarding “people skills,” driving employees away rather than building a team resulting in costly turnover and low trust. Our one-on-one coaching sessions focus on creating a plan for the executive to build more positive relationship skills.