Rick Larson Law Launches On Site Management Training Classes

I’ve been resolving employment issues for some 30 years now. And whether it’s a large company or small company, two causes stand out among all others when it comes to workplace conflict that results in claims and costly lawsuits: poor management training and broken communication.

It’s management’s responsibility to keep open communication and feedback channels between the company and each individual employee. Without that, employees draw the conclusion that the company does not listen and does not care.

Positive workplace communication is not rocket science, yet it’s worth its weight in gold when it comes to building a healthy work environment where organizational trust allows employees to bring forward their concerns knowing they will be listened to and their issues addressed in a prompt and responsive manner.

Success begins when the management team understands the rules of today’s changing workplace so as to be able to identify workplace issues, to effectively listen to the employee, and to promptly resolve issues without creating legal exposure for the company. That’s why I have developed a series of four classes that can be delivered on site to assist the management team to grow their skill sets by understanding legal compliance, listening to their employees and taking ownership of employee relations issues before they hit the court house door.

Training is key.

Currently offered: Sexual Harassment Awareness Training; Preventing Workplace Discrimination Training; HR 101: Basics for the Supervisor Training; Best HR Management Practices Training.

I’m happy to discuss how any of these classes can be a building block to building a better, higher performing organization.


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